I know this gorgeous couple from Columbus, Ohio.  The two met at Ohio University and their loved blossomed under many moons.  Chris proposed to Julie in Sheeps Meadow in Central Park during one of the last weeks of the summer.  Chris even hired a photographer to capture the surprised look on Julie's face as he got down on one knee during his proposal.  It was very sweet.

The session started off a little past 10 p.m. on a Sunday night, roughly an hour after Chris' arrived by plane after a weekend in Florida.  I take a few test shots right when we met up with Chris and fell in love with their interaction and the scene they painted in the beautiful hall--the back and forth banter and catching up as  Julie held up her makeup compact like Vanna White for Chris as he knotted his tie.  

We found little hidden corners here and there and unoccupied staircases here and there, an empty corridor... 

...And oh, the chandeliers.

Nearing midnight, we walked to the Helmsley Building where we had our last look for the evening.

Thank you Julie and Chris for taking the time out of your late late Sunday night to hang out with me!