Meet Hailey a fun-loving, well-adjusted, social butterfly who is wise beyond her years on this Earth.  She rides horses competitively (and is called an eventer, I've learned) and loves her horses. Oh, and she rides everyday.  In fact, I met up with her a couple of days before her shoot during her practice time to scope out the location and she was sweet enough to take me, big mama, on a four-wheeler down a dirt track to tour a trail several yards away barn.  She politely drove at a snail's pace so I wouldn't fall off and kindly allowed me to hold onto her shoulder when I asked.  Hailey, I have had a great time getting to know you and your family and hope you had a great time too!  Some of my favorites from the shoot:

Her sister came into town to visit this week so we squeezed in some #sistersister time on camera.

Best of luck in the coming months you apply for colleges!   Any college will be fortunate to have you!