I spent a lovely morning with the delightful Camilla and her Mama.  The two were cozying up together in the kitchen when I arrived.  Camilla rarely cried and quickly calmed when she did.  She fed often and smiled for us a bit and best of all--she fell right asleep after a short bit so that we could take some quick snaps of her here and there all wrapped up and comfy.  I wanted to capture Camilla and her Mama in the most natural possible and as I sauntered about to and fro for the best light, I would turn around and see this beautiful, peaceful vision of mother and daughter:

Here are a few more from our time together:

I love little detail shots like these:

Whales, blue and gold, alternating in carefully measured intervals and lines.  Hand-painted by Camilla's father.

Sweet Mama watching her baby stretch and stir.

Welcome to your world, Camilla, and thank you for letting me spend these precious moments with you and your Mama.