The two grew up just minutes away from one another. As we walked along the creek they rattled off memories of their trips as children to Creekside park and how their lives converged into the one they share today.

We started the session at The Wine Guy to take cover from the heat and escape the large crowds outside attending the Gahanna Car Show. After a nice glass of wine, the two headed out for a little stroll around the plaza.

Meghan brought along her favorite book, The Reef by Nora Roberts.

The story of how Jon's business took off is a perfect example of how the two complement one another.  Jon is the owner of Steel and Pine, a furniture seller on Etsy featuring modern industrial wooden pieces finished in moody undertones offered in an affordable price range.  Meghan does amazing creative designs as a merchandiser at White Barn and has applied her expertise in the business to Jon's work.  In Jon's words, "she makes them look pretty" and styles his furniture for photographs that are, in my opinion, magazine-worthy.  The dream team's last look for their engagement session involved a very special bench Jon created for the front porch of their home. 

Oh, and, aren't they so dashing and beautiful together?  

You two will have the most beautiful wedding next year in Florida!  Thank you for taking us down memory lane and sharing your special stories with us!