Dear Mara,

The weekends have been crazy lately (let's be honest, evenings too!) as we get ready to move.  We have no idea the exact date we are moving but it will be in July sometime.  But before that we need to pack up, get our house lookin' pretty and then sell it!  It is so surreal.  Your dad has been watching a LOT of YouTube tutorials while trying to fix up our house, and not to mention the all-day streaming of mash-ups like this one.

Meanwhile, I have been packing and found some real treasures like letters from friends, a million postcards from my BFF on her travels around the world and then a giant collection of writing utensils...more than we will need in he next few years!  Like TWO HUNDRED pens, highlighters, pencils.  

You?  Well You've been so helpful in asking me how you can help so last night I let you help me tape up a box and then let you stand it in after it was assembled.  

On a not-so-serious note, something to remember when you are older and we can hang out as adults: Chianti + Wild Boar in Italy sounds like a yummy trifecta :).  Your Mama loves a good glass of red wine and tasty pork.  But really, this is a problem that needs to be addressed or we'll have no Chianti to visit when you're older!

There may be a lot of backlash but it takes a lot of courage to admit when you've done something wrong.  Something you'll learn about when you're older, or maybe we'll figure out how to teach it to you sooner.  

FIFTEEN = The number of dresses I have saved on Rent the Runway as a favorite.  I have not decided if I will buy or rent, but I have been scouring the internet for a dress to wear to your father's graduation.  It has been TOUGH!  I feel like I need a serious series of fat-burning exercises before I can don any dress right now.  

ENDLESS = The number of quick exercises I bookmarked on the internet in hopes to squeeze one or more of those routines into my days.  Here's to feeling fit, fabulous and ferociously beautiful! And the best part?  I do my exercises in the wee hours of the morning, when you are asleep and cuddled up with your lion, while I catch up on some amazing True Blood or Downton Abbey.