A couple of weeks ago, a good friend called one evening after work to catch up.  We had been planning to meet one another for lunch the past two consecutive weeks but failed for one reason or another.  We caught each other up on life, our moves (hers across country and ours to Richmond, VA), how we were getting ready to sell our homes, the impending birth of her second child, etc.  Towards the end of our conversation she asked me if I wanted to get together for one last lunch before baby number two arrived. A billion things on my to-do list popped up in my mind for an overwhelming two-seconds before it simply went blank.  When a good friend calls to invite you for a conversation and wants to spend time with you, how could I say anything but yes?  "I'm in!" I exclaimed and we both giggled in delight.

The next day, I went over to the first home she bought together with her husband.  She was still on her way back from her morning errands so I waited in their front yard.  I noticed their beautiful landscaping and the flowers in bloom and shuddered as I thought about the little time we had left visiting this home, living in our own home.  The bittersweetness of the near future was beginning to settle in.

After she arrived, we went into their home and I watched her make lunch for her son and hungrily gobbled down the food she had considerately bought me from Panera--she  knew I was on a time crunch and had to get back to work.  I was so grateful and happily surprised by the PICK TWO options she selected for me.  She had asked me the night before if I could briefly capture a few quiet moments of her with her son during lunch.  So  I snapped a few pictures and we talked the way mothers talked together when one of them is watching their busy toddler.  We connected on our shared journey together over the last six years here in Columbus, and dreamed continuing to nurture our friendship from opposite ends of the continent.

I am so grateful for this gift of time she gave me in her home and conversation and witnessing the beautiful life she's created with her tiny little family, which grew by two feet two days after these photos were taken.  Thank you guys for all the love and support over the years and here's to many more years of friendship wherever we are in life and geography!  

Some photographs from our brief lunch together: