I have always been fashion's back-row observer and often find myself attracted to more interesting designs.  I seek out brands that look to bridge the gap between designer/runway and street-style.  Here are three brands I'm following these days that design stand-out dresses for your wedding-related fetes.  All photos herein this post are from the designer's website.  Click on designer name or dress itself to link to source.  You may want to watch your fingers, they may start buying these dresses for you....

SELF-PORTRAIT - I love Ha Chong's beautifully detailed designs--feminine with strong lines.  From casual brunch rehearsal to a dressy dinner, Ha Chong has you covered.  Read an interview Ha Chong has done with Fashionista here.

She’s not afraid to stand out. She definitely doesn’t want to blend in. She wants to light up, she likes attention, I think, because you get noticed when you wear Self-Portrait. She’s feminine and at the same time, sometimes she’s not afraid to kind of play with gender and clothes.
— Han Chong, Self-Portrait Founder in an interview on Fashionista.com

LOVER - I had never heard of this label until a good friend of mine gushed with admiration for their dresses, so heeding her advice I looked it up and fell in love with the unexpected.  Romantic and polished with surprising details, like this open back, in this otherwise modest silhouette!  Read about the label here.  See it worn in real life by women here.

They have mixed their individual tastes, one for romantic and ethereal the other for loud and irreverant to create a label that has remained true to its signature style and ideals from day one.


SOLACE LONDON - This line looks amazing on taller women.  Dramatic silhouettes in otherwise simple and clean designs = gorgeous aesthetics.

Who are your favorite designers/what are your favorite labels for your engagement party and wedding weekend occasions?